Javier Hernandez is playing well for Leverkusen

Javier Hernandez the most popular European football league in the world is the English Premier League, which consistently churns out celebrities for the game’s fans to admire. The Spanish League is the most competitive, especially with the two towering giants of club football, Barcelona and Real Madrid, ruling the roost. When it comes to ‘consistency’ and ‘efficiency’ however, the spotlight turns to the German Bundesliga, which prides itself in delivering

James Rodriguez is a superstar for Colombia

Attacking midfielder. Winger. Forward. Poacher. Playmaker. Any team, national or domestic, would be called extremely fortunate if they had at least one player of the above types in their ranks. But what would you call a team that has all five, not individually, but as the same person? This is precisely what the Colombian men’s national football team is blessed with, because they have James Rodriguez in their squad. Born

Gamble on soccer at the above online casinos

Among the online casino sport games that are offered at the online casinos, soccer is the most popular games that are played at the online casinos. Players are allowed to go and place their bets on the games and in the process they make money from the gambling. There are several types of betting options that are offered at the casinos as a result of playing the games at the


Sports or games improve your physical ability and your skills. There are a number of sports and you can be played singles or many in the group. Actually, it gives enjoyment to the people who are playing. It gives relaxation from your stress requires only physical activity to win the competition. Sports can be classified into outdoor and indoor. An indoor game helps in improving concentration power. Outdoor games

England and Spain: Poles Apart Yet so Similar

Euro 2016 has already seen quite a few managerial heads roll but it’s the ones of Spain and England which have made the world take notice. The disastrous loss versus Iceland proved to be Roy Hodgson’s final game as an England manager while the game against Italy marked the end of the Vicente Del Bosque era. Both the teams are as different as chalk and cheese yet their futures are

England vs Iceland

In the last tussle for the quarter-finals, England will face Iceland in Stade de Nice today.Iceland has played  with the same line-up in all of their group games and is likely to go with the same team. There are seven Iceland players who if get the yellow card again will miss the quarter-final – Kari Arnason, Johann Gudmundsson, Birkir Bjarnason, Birkir Sævarsson, Ari Skulason, Hannes Halldorsson, and Kolbeinn Sigthorsson. England’s

Chile winning Copa America for second time makes them another south American heavyweights

Claudio Bravo came to his knees in the Copa America stadium as all his teammates came running behind to hug the goalkeeper in a joyful manner, people began to celebrate this moment of victory of Chile for the second time.  Players stood near the stage as the winning team carried the trophy. After 120+ minutes of passionately playing on Sunday, Chile once again proved that it deserves to be in the

Antiques of Football Association

The sport is considered as physical activity and it is usually it supports them in maintaining improved physical ability and skills. The sports is one and only thing that ensures the winner and loser, that highly motivates the people. We are in advanced world and sports are generally recognized as the physical based activity and dexterity. Here in this session we delivered you detailed elaborative information regarding one single sport

5 mangers who would storm premier league this season

The last season of premier league was a complete shocker where the relegation bound Leicester city defied all odds to become the premier league champion. The next season of premier league will not be the same like last season as there are much fancied mangers around the Europe that are coming to the premier league. This will spark some great rivalries back and the teams will fight their way hard

5 contenders for the England football team managerial job

The campaign of the three lion’s team that looked promising on the cards is over and they are packing their bags for the way back home. Roy Hodgson has been criticized for this lackluster performance by the team filled with great young talent and has resigned from the job. His four year reign never looked promising enough and the Euros elimination was the final blow and if he wouldn’t have