Shooting Game

Shooting Game

The counter strike which changed the face of online gaming throughout the world has still its grip over the industry. Counterstrike is also popular with the name half-life in various parts of the world among the gamers. The genre of this game is first person shooter. It was developed by the valve co-operations on Microsoft platforms in the year 2000. Minh Le and Jeff Cliffe are the two designers behind this masterpiece. This game was also released on Xbox on 9 September 2003 and on Linux on 24 January 2013 which attracted not only the Pc gamers but also the console gamers towards it. The most popular feature of this game is online gaming. Where one player from some country could play with the another player of another country.

Shooting Game
Shooting Game

The game of shooting and why this is awesome to play

The format of the game is very  basic. It basically allows you to combat between a set of players playing for their objective. There are two teams assigned in this game and one could select between anyone of them. One could choose between the terrorist and counter-terrorist team. Both the teams can have n number of players. There are different objectives for both the teams which can be specified by the map you choose to play on. The terrorist team has the objective to plant a bomb in a specific area and the counter Terrorist have to somehow counter the terrorist team by either killing them or defusing the bomb in the stipulated time. There are different weapons in this game which makes it even more interesting. machine guns , handguns , rifles, and snipers are the best weapons to play with. There’s a life and shield meter which shows your health. Both the teams start from different points.

Also, once the team player is dead on the team , he can view it from a spectators angles which can be interesting as one can prepare himself for the next game and can work on the strategy of the opponent.

To check your own score or kills there’s a scoreboard which shows the statistics of each player present during that game which brings the competitiveness in the foreplay. There are two ways in which one could play this game. Offline and online mode. In offline mode, one can choose between the two teams and combat with the computer players known as bots. This doesn’t require any internet connection whereas while playing the online mode , you need a server to play on and more players active on that server that play the same way you play. It is more successful during the online mode while people play on servers.

Usually , the games we play on computers have cheat codes that make the game easier for us in certain ways. But when you’re playing counter strike there isn’t much help when it comes to cheating codes both in online and offline gaming. Though , during online gameplay , valve the developer of the game has introduced VAC , known as Valve Anti-Cheat system which detects as soon as someone is trying to hack the game in some way or the other. This also highlights the people doing it and could be banned for good from a particular server. Also to get unbanned from it the player requires waiting for the next two years which is not there in many games.

Counter strike is one of the most popular games in the world due to its online mode and its easy nature , anybody could easily understand the controls and objectives for it. Also, counter strike, unlike other games, isn’t very memory consuming , it consumes a very small part of the memory and doesn’t even need expensive graphic cards. So it’s Pretty easily accessible and ca be downloaded from n number of links. Mostly teenagers are the sole targets of this game. People pull all-nighters for this game.

We’ve also seen many tournaments organized by special companies give gaming a new vision. There are places in the whole world which are only famous for this game where people could come and play around with friends for hours. This isn’t a game, it’s an addiction is what we’ve heard in recent times. And hence it is favorite to not only gamers but everyone.

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