Jhonty Rhodes is the all-time best fielder in cricket

Jhonty Rhodes is the all-time best fielder in cricket

Jhonty Rhodes (born on 27 July 1996) is a very well known as the One Day International Cricketer who played for the South African team from 1992 to 2003. He was born in Natal province, South Africa. During the Test match sessions he was specially noted for his fielding-particularly throwing from backward point. Since 1999 Cricket World Cup, he had broken the record of the ninth highest number of run outs in cricket of any fieldsman.

During the early stages of his life, he played Club Cricket for Natal University and then for Country Cricket Club. He also played Hockey for South Africa and became a part of 1992 Olympic games squad and went to Barcelona but the squad didn’t qualify. The trials for 1996 Olympics didn’t go well for him either as he was not selected because of a hamstring injury.

He played his first Test match against India at Durban on 13 November 1992. He had scored 41 runs in his first innings and in the second innings he scored 26 runs, not out. The announcement for his retirement from Test Cricket matches was made in 2000. He played his last test match on 6 August 2000.

Jhonty Rhodes is actually given the name of ‘one – in – a – million sportsman’, his hard work and dedication inspired many other young cricketers to come forward and make their career in cricket.

Jhonty Rhodes is the all-time best fielder in cricket
Jhonty Rhodes is the all-time best fielder in cricket

All-time best fielder in cricket

Many people even try to copy his style but that is almost an impossible task to achieve. In the field of cricket there are many good players but there are only a few who are actually cricket freaks for example Sachin Tendulkar , Muttiah Muralitharan and many more.

The first name which strikes our mind is Rhodes when we look for the most skillful fielder in Cricket. Earlier the generation used to grow up by seeing unhealthy cricketers, who used to jump on the ball rather that at the ball. But the scenario changed from March 8, 1992, when a player suddenly dived at the ball in order to give the winning run out and from then on the reign of Jhonty began. Earlier people used to think that it was a publicity stunt but then he usually made such jumps and leaps to catch the ball and later on he became an inspiration to the young cricketers. He was actually not the tallest of all men at that time but his ability and sudden reflexes made him the tallest of all.

Jhonty earned real success for himself and South Africa when the team participated in Hero Cup 1993-94 in India and Jhonty went on to take 5 catches and make 40 runs and made his team win. The voice had grown louder in the stadium and all were shouting “Jhonty”. It is said that his team members used to compliment him always by saying that they are suffering from Jhonty virus.

Playing cricket is not a difficult task but leaving your footprint on the grounds for ever, that’s a very difficult task. He was born as Jonathan Neil Rhodes and as a junior he had played many games like football, cricket, and hockey and due to his outshining performances in Hockey he was selected in the squad for 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He played Cricket World Cup the same year and his life changed forever. He is probably one of those few guys who are better known for their fielding rather than other attributes in cricket. And I am very sure that whosoever used to watch cricket in 1990s, Jhonty was the accurate example of a fielder to be like.

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