Is it Time for Tiger Woods to retire

Is it Time for Tiger Woods to retire

One of the most successful golf players of all the times is Tiger Woods. He is synonymous with the sport golf. He was amongst the highest paid players in golf for many years. Being an eminent player, Tiger Woods performed exceptionally well whenever given a chance. He proved himself at every opportunity that fell into his hands. This great legend was born on 30th December 1975. Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is a professional golf player from the United States of America.

He has already achieved great heights in his career; but everything which rises has to fall and that fall is termed as “retirement” in the world of sports. Retirement is an end to their career. The time any player underperforms, his position is questioned by one and all. The main reason behind such questioning is that the availability of alternatives is massive, and there are a lot of other players who can replace the player who is not performing well. It really does not matter if you are Tiger Woods, Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Viswanathan Anand for that matter; one has to face this criticism in life and is recommended to retire before the great fall.

Usually, such players wait for a memorable victory before the announcement of their retirement because they want to end their career on a happy note. They want to be remembered as a player of victories rather than some other player in the history of the sport who got retired and no one really cares. The game is their life.

Tiger Woods Still Pondering

Tiger Woods is pondering over the same thoughts on whether to retire or not to retire. He has given cryptic answers throughout all the interviews he attended which eventually proved he’s really not all that interested in coming back to the game after all, and for sure he is not clear where he is heading to. Lately, on a blustery, brisk morning without any warm-up session, Tiger Woods could not hit the green from 102 yards distance; each strike lacked perfection, proper speed, distance and conviction. This is not expected out of a professional golf player at this stage of his life and career. It is the commencement of the deterioration of Tiger’s career.

Is it Time for Tiger Woods to retire
Is it Time for Tiger Woods to retire

According to his friend Jordan, he wants to retire and is tired of playing but he is still unaware of how to do that. It is a bewildering situation where no one knows whether he is going to retire or not, not even the player himself. There is ambiguity in all his statements and it seems he is waiting for that big break where he could prove his worth again and then retire peacefully. It has been observed that he signs up big projects and matches but that is only because of his goodwill and the standards that were set by him a long time back. He says he is getting stronger day by day but he lacks endurance for practice schedules.

 According to him, he is progressing but none of us can see the progress. He can’t even play 18 consecutive holes. When asked about his retirement, he said he wanted to return but when is the question in everyone’s mind going to be answered? And the answer to this question lies with Woods himself, but Woods, his doctors, family, and friends – none of them are aware of his plans.

So, we all have a lot of queries and questions in our mind.

When is Woods planning to return? Is Woods going to retire from Golf soon? No one has a single clue regarding this.

We are sure that even Tiger Woods has no clue about it. Quite amusing!

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