Sports or games improve your physical ability and your skills. There are a number of sports and you can be played singles or many in the group. Actually, it gives enjoyment to the people who are playing. It gives relaxation from your stress requires only physical activity to win the competition. Sports can be classified into outdoor and indoor. An indoor game helps in improving concentration power. Outdoor games like football, volleyball help in improving physical fitness. Many people love to play and watch football is driven by a set of rules and regulations. Winner of the game is announced when the player set the goal for him or his team.


About the game advises and some best article about football

Football is the game that players have to kick the ball into the net to score the point. Players have to use the only leg to kick the ball. The play is conducted between two teams in the football court. Each team has separate goal point and they have to set the goal there. In this game, there are set of rules and regulations. If any player did not follow the rule he must be given warning card. If again he does not obey the rule then he must be disqualified. There can be a number of substitutes and official judge only has to permit the substitute.

Rules and regulations

If the game is to be fair, then players have to obey the rules. If players did not obey the rule he or she will be given card asked to leave the court. Rules of this game are as follows

    Foremost field of play must be clean, rectangular and green in color. The field should be divided into halves.

    There should not be more than 11 players and lesser than seven players.

    Players must wear the jersey, their shorts, socks and their footwear.

    The game should be played in two halves consisting of 45 minutes each.

    The interval should not be more than 15 minutes.

    Once the ball is out of the game then all other balls should start from inside.

These are the rules strictly to be followed before giving off the yellow card. Rules of this game are also called as the law of the game.

Mode of playing

Football has unique different styles and different kicks off to play. There are a number of modes and it should not violate the rules. Each and every player is an identity to a different style. Modes of playing are as follows

    Corner kick- when the ball is crossed the goal line and defender touched the ball at that time this action to be performed. This kick is taken from inside of the court. Defender team should me more than 9 meters from the ball.

    Goal kick- this kick is played when the team scores a goal.

    Throw in – this action been taken when the ball crossed the goal line.

    Penalty kicks – if any of the team done offense in the court then another opposite team will be given a penalty kick. At that time opposite team should be out of the ground.

    Free kick –in the case of any fouls or misbehaviour this kick will be awarded. Free kick is classified into direct and indirect kicks.

    Fouls – if the player is given card then it is considered as fouls. There will be an issue of a yellow card and red card. One red card is equivalent to two yellow cards. If the card is given to the players then that player should be out the court.

Final words

Playing football increases your aerobic capacity improves your muscle tone and cardiovascular health. This game increase team play, self-confidence and reduce anxiety. Football can be played at online also in that you can prefer many types of a football game. So I recommend you to play this wonderful game to adds color for your life and health benefits.

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