In this world, all the people love playing cricket. People will found having fun and entertainment while playing cricket. This is the game where all the age group people will watch and play it. Even though it is not the national game, it is seen and enjoyed. It is played for finding relaxation and enjoyment with friends. By this you able to make the bond stronger with your friends and can spend time together. In all houses, you can find bat and ball for playing cricket. At the time of cricket season everyone sits before the television, enjoy watching it. In this article, you can gain information about cricket.


About the game of Cricket:

Cricket is the sport played with eleven players in each team. The aim of cricket to score runs between the stumps. At the starting game of the play, two batsman and eleven fielders enter to play. There will be two teams on the ground. There will be a fielding team and striker team. Fielding team chooses to bowl. Striker team prevents the ball from hitting the stumps. The role of bowlers to eliminate the batsman and to prevent from scoring runs. Winning team is declared that which team has leading scores without falling of wickets.

Types of matches:

Cricket is found in multiple formats. An individual like different type of series. It is limited by time and players. The different types of matches are

  • Test cricket- this is the type of play representing for countries and it is considered as the first class cricket in the world. This type of match is played in groups called series. In this type players will wear only white uniforms.
  • Limited overs – the main aim of this game to produce results and draw is not possible here. There will be only one innings and have a limited number of overs like fifty. This match will be conducted only in the evening and extending up to three hours.
  • National championship- this match is the highest level of match defeating between countries. Trophies like Ranji trophy, shell shield will be given to the players. Recently twenty- twenty is introduced and been playing between countries.
  • Club cricket – this type of play is between clubs and mostly this will be played at evening. It is organized by league or club. Club matches are played regularly and enjoyed by the people. It is played only a few hours and it will extend for two days.
  • Another type of cricket – crickets like indoor and outdoor cricket, garden cricket, beach cricket is enjoyed by all age group people in the world.


In cricket, each play has its own identity and statistics to play. In the world of cricket, there are many statistics classified like basic level and bowlers, they are

  • Strike rate – it is that runs be scored for 100 balls
  • Run rate – runs scored by batsman
  • Centuries – there will be scoring of hundred runs. If it is scored fifty runs then it is called half centuries.
  • Bowling statistics include overs, runs, no-ball, wides,striking rate, wickets.
  • Batsman statistics include batting average, a number of balls faced runs, innings, not out etc.


This is the important factor where all players have to obey it. The common type of dismissals are bowled, leg before wicket etc. if the player knows he is dismissals then he himself wants to leave the ground without informing an umpire. The common forms of dismissals are

  • Bowled
  • Caught
  • Leg before cricket
  • Run out
  • Stumped
  • Hit wicket
  • Timed out and
  • Retired out.

Final words:

By playing cricket you can improve your concentration and your muscle strength. So I recommend you to play cricket every day and get the benefit. Even you can play cricket at online through the internet or can play in the mobiles.

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