Controversies linked to the Olympic Games

Controversies linked to the Olympic Games

Every professional athlete has a dream to represent their country at an international platform. The modern Olympic games is the most prestigious and rewarding international competition that ropes in more than 200 countries, to provide a high potential Platform to the most performing athletes of the world to compete against each other. It beautifully showcases the survival of the fittest.

It is held every four years, featuring the summer as well as the winter Olympics and is governed by the International Olympic Committee as well as the Olympic charter clearly mentions its authority. The most recent Olympics were hosted by Russia in their well-planned city of Sochi in 2014. Coming up next, Brazil has been chosen as the eligible host for the summer Olympics in 2016, which would be held in the city of soccer-lovers i.e. Rio de Janeiro.

Controversies linked to the Olympic Games
Controversies linked to the Olympic Games

Detailed discussion about the nature of the Olympics

Despite the present glorious nature of the Olympics, various controversies have hindered with the smooth functioning of the event. It all began with the outburst of the World Wars, which threatened the existence of various countries on the world map itself. The celebration of three Olympiads had to be cancelled due to this war; The 1916 Summer Olympics were cancelled because of World War I as well as the summer games of the year 1940 as well as the winter games of the year 1944 got left out due to World War II.  Intense war erupted between Georgia as well as Russia on the opening day of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where both President Bush in addition to Prime Minister Putin were in attendance.

 Well, Olympics have always played an integral role in the propagation of political ideologies. For instance: When Nazi Germany hosted the 1936 Olympics, It was alleged that they used the Games to display Aryan superiority. The amazing victory of Athletes like Jesse Owens spoke louder than words, against the apartheid system that was majorly in effect at the time. During the Soviet anthem at the 1968 Olympics, athlete Čáslavská turned her head down to the right of the Soviet flag in order to register protest against the invasion on her motherland as well as the Soviet influence on the sport of Gymnastics. On her way home, Čáslavská was made an outcast by the Soviet government in addition to be banned from the competition along with the travelling.

The use of performance enhancement drugs became another big black mark on the face of Olympics. This practice gained momentum in the early 20th century while the athletes began consuming drugs in order to enhance their athletic capabilities. The only known Olympic death related to substance abuse is that of a Danish cyclist named KE Jenson who had taken Amphetamines prior to a race. The consequence was that, he fell from his bike as well as died.

Though it is unfortunate, Olympics have also seen rampant discrimination on the basis of sex. Until 2010, countries like the Brunei, the Saudi Arabia, as well as Qatar had never sent a female athlete! The International Olympic Committee suggested that such countries which do not promote women athletes should be banned. This pressurized the orthodox countries like Qatar to send in more no of the female athletes to the Olympics.

Australia, France, Great Britain, as well as Switzerland are the only countries to be represented at every Olympic Games since their inception in 1896. The idea of Olympics itself was greatly influential in order to promote International alliances as well as we should strive to preserve its glory.

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