Bobby 7S Free Trial, 25 Payline Online Slot and Awesome Feature

Bobby 7S Free Trial, 25 Payline Online Slot and Awesome Feature

One of the classic pursuit between the cops and robbers is coming back to the online casino video slot screen with Bobby 7s. Bobby 7S free trial, 25 payline online slot and awesome feature design for the 5 reel slot that has 25 paylines and some variety of coins levels for this betting flexibility.

It has also four miniature bonuses that has built in, all which only appear frequently to us to helping earn you a cash fast. The Bobby 7s is available to all platforms at Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins and are fully web based that has no download required.

Theme of the Game

Here policemen are being called Bobbies and here lies where the game’s name comes from, as well as the theme. And drawn a fun, cartoonish style, in the Bobby 7s reels are being set against the small town silhouetted against the sunset sky. An animated clouds that are drift lazily by the moon awhile there’s a black cat perching atop the reels and an older model police cars that are sit down to them.

The Classical slot machinery bare fruits to serve as the basic symbolic on this game. From the highest value to the lowest, we have a watermelon wedge, following by a strawberry then a plum of an orange a lemon and a two cherries. The angry animated Bobby will be serves as the standard wild in which will be substitute for any of the player’s symbol except the judge, Police and the crooks 7s in this bonus game symbols.

Bobby 7S Free Trial Online Slot Awesome Features Will Satisfy Your Game

Here a number of fun and excitement features are being tucked away into Bobby 7s. Also the free spins are being activated is when the masked of the Thief appears on the reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time, and you are being immediately awarded a 2x multiplying of your bet.

Choosing one of the thieves and click onto him to reveal the numbering of this free spins to trigger. During Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website free spins mode. All of the prizes are being doubled and the feature can also be great to being re-triggered while you are playing. In additional any of the 7s bonus games will be describe below and can be won while the game is in Free Spin Mode.

Bobby 7S Free Trial, 25 Payline Online Slot and Awesome Feature
Bobby 7S Free Trial, 25 Payline Online Slot and Awesome Feature

The Bonus Rounds

There are three bonus minimal features here that will appear regularly as you play the Bobby 7s. And all of them are being represented by symbols bearing the lucky number 7. Here the crook features is a number 7 in the black and white prison stripes. With the ball and chain that are attached to its feet.

The police figure has a bobby blue 7 along with a red siren on the head and some set of handcuffs in the background. This judge figures is red numbering 7 with a white wig also there is judges’ robe and some gavel beside him.

When some of the crook figures appears anywhere on the reels 3, 4 and 5 you can win up to 40x of your bet. Just to choose one of the crooks to click on and you therefore win a prize corresponding to the amount of loot that he has been hidden in his bag.

The police figures is triggered but whenever the blue police 7 is appearing anywhere on the reels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time. All the screen switches will show to a ladder marked number. Selecting a high or low, and depending on whether of you think the next numbering will be higher or being lower.

So please choose correctly. For you to keep moving up the cash ladder of Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android and gain more winnings. But when you make the incorrect choice. The game will end and you are being awarded for the prize that all the cash ladder will currently show.

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