5 mangers who would storm premier league this season

5 mangers who would storm premier league this season

The last season of premier league was a complete shocker where the relegation bound Leicester city defied all odds to become the premier league champion. The next season of premier league will not be the same like last season as there are much fancied mangers around the Europe that are coming to the premier league. This will spark some great rivalries back and the teams will fight their way hard inspired by the mastery of their manager. This season is set to be the most exciting season of the premier league season where the teams will be led by some of the names that have forged a reputation on the European scene along with the names that are already in here. Here are the five mangers that I think will rekindle the premier league.

5 mangers who would storm premier league this season
5 mangers who would storm premier league this season

5 mangers who would storm premier league

Pep Guardiola

This name needs no introduction and is one of the most blessed managers around the world. He is a master tactician and is credited with the discovery of superstars like Leo Messi, Andreas Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez and Sergio Brusquest and made Barcelona the most feared teams in the Europe. He was the architect behind the World domination of Barcelona and made them a team that people call the best club team ever.  His second stint with Bayern was equally impressing as he won numerous trophies there. This season he comes as a manger to Manchester City and will embark his class and playing style on them.

Jose Mourinho

Everybody knows about Jose Mourinho as he is a celebrity manger. The things that he had done in the past are simply incomparable and that’s why Manchester United was forced to choose him. Mourinho is a bit stubborn when it comes to his plans and works according to his way. He knows how to turn small teams into the bigger ones as he has done it in the past. Mourinho has taken over Manchester United this season but people say Manchester United look quite ordinary but Mourinho has a history of turning ordinary looking teams into the champions and who knows he can do it again with Manchester United.

Antonio Conte

Chelsea had a horror campaign last season and hence they sacked Mourinho in the mid season and then there was a problem to appoint a replacement and Chelsea appointed an interim manager, but the final name in their list was Antonio Conte who will be joining them this season. Everybody knows what Conte can do because of what he did against Juventus. He was the one who found the talents like Pogba and Vidal and reignited André Pirlo’s career. The way he has taken mediocre Italy into the quarterfinals truly explains his quality.

Jurgen Klop

Liverpool after having a horror start to their season sacked Brendan Rogers and then came his replacement Jurgen Klop. The feats that he achieved in Dortmund are incomparable and even he took the unbalanced Liverpool into the capital one cup final within his first season showed everyone that Liverpool were on verge of something special. This year Liverpool will have incoming transfers according to Jurgen Klop and he would have enough time to devise his team, which will make Liverpool a team to reckon with.

Mauricio Ponchentino

This name is sure to raise a few eyebrows as the Arsenal loyals would say that the writer is a Tottenham fan, but the problem is Aresne Wenger is managing arsenal for a long time and I am focusing on some new mangers. That’s why I named Ponchentino and what he did last season was truly remarkable, but this season his team will come out stronger and he may even come with another discovery like in the last two seasons where he found Harry Kane and Delle Alli.

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