5 contenders for the England football team managerial job

5 contenders for the England football team managerial job

The campaign of the three lion’s team that looked promising on the cards is over and they are packing their bags for the way back home. Roy Hodgson has been criticized for this lackluster performance by the team filled with great young talent and has resigned from the job. His four year reign never looked promising enough and the Euros elimination was the final blow and if he wouldn’t have resigned then he would surely fired from his job. So what’s next, who can be the man who can step in as the England manager and use their talent to make them a team that they look on.

5 contenders for the England football team managerial job
5 contenders for the England football team managerial job

5 contenders for the England football team

Gary Neville

He is considered a prime contender for the job of England manager. Though he had a horror start to his managerial career with Valencia but is likely to be promoted as the England manager as because of his leadership qualities that he posses and the sharp eye for the game he showcased when he was a football pundit. The one thing that works out in his way is that he has been in the English team for a long time and that would make his an inspirable figure for the team.

Gareth Southgate

The England under 21 boss has been touted as the forerunner for the England manager’s job. He has managed the under 21 team to the perfection. Southgate region as the under 21 boss has been impressive and has forged a reputation for him. The thing that makes him favorite is that England is that most of the players in this English team have been young and have played under him that would make him familiar with the senior national squad the problem with him is that he has not got any experience when it comes to managing a senior team and hence could fall prey to the massive the burden of the job.

Alan Padrew

Alan padrew has been a name that has been in the gossip market for the England managerial position as because he is an English manger and he is quite experienced. Padres guided the crystal place team to the FA cup under his command and hence can be a good option for the three lions. He has got great motivational skills and can be serious shot for the England’s manager job as if FA seriously considers him.

Rafael Benitez

He is also a fort runner in the contention as the FA has always looked upon the foreign mangers that have worthwhile achievements to take the job as a manger. Rafael Benitez right now is Newcastle united manger, the team that plays in second tier league and is the job that does not suit the standards of Rafael Benitez. He has many trophies to his name and the fact that he has managed English side Liverpool clearly shows the amount of experience he has of the English football that makes it a worthwhile contender for the job.

Laurent Blac

Laurent Blac has got all the laurels that you should have in order to be the manager for the England football senior team. He is currently free without any job and is one of the best options for the England’s manger job. He has some worthwhile achievements individually for PSG, more than the others have in this list that makes him a serious contender for the job. The problem with him is that he has no idea about the English team and their style of play as he has largely played his trade for the French teams.

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