4 things that let Spain down at the World cup

4 things that let Spain down at the World cup

The Spanish team had a horror campaign two years back in Brazil and this year was no difference as they were scuffed from the competition in round of 16 encounter by the impressive Italians. The start of the campaign was not good at all as because even if they won 1-0 but failed to break down a much weaker Czech Republic team, which was brilliantly organized at the back, but they do come strong against turkey and looked impressive and then there was at the encounter against Croatia that ended their 14 match unbeaten run at the Euros.

The round of 16 encounters looked like it will go in the Spanish way, but the Italians came strong and knocked them out of the competition and that too in style. So what led to the downfall of the one of the greatest international team in the world, the team that leaded the Europe for eight straight years. How the Italians breached the defense that didn’t concede a goal in knockouts since 2000. The Spanish team campaign looked always on the brinks and the Italian team came in with the final blow. Here are the 4 things that led to the Spanish team’s elimination at the Euros-

4 things that let Spain down at the World cup
4 things that let Spain down at the World cup

4 things that let Spain down at World cup

The possession game’s flaws have been fully exposed

This was the biggest reason why the Spanish team was out of the world cup or you can say had a horror campaign. The thing through which the era of Spanish domination started was the possession based football, which Spain got from Barcelona as the most Spanish players were Barcelona players too. The possession based football had his day but has become a lost art now as the flaws in this playing style have been completely exposed. That is why Barcelona was forced to change their playing style, but the Spanish team kept following the same policy which was completely capitalized by the Italian team.

Spanish team couldn’t deal with too many men in their box

The thing that was impressive about Italy was that as soon as they got the ball there were 4-5 man that were forced forward and that was the reason why the Spanish team pampered as because when the crosses were delivered there were more blue jersey’s than the white ones in the Spanish box that troubled their both the center backs. Graziano Pelle’s header, which David de Gea saved, was the perfect example of that along with a wayward free header from Marco Parolo that should have been better.

Sergio Ramos had a bad day

Though this is occasionally seen but this was the case against the Italians in the round of 16 tie as Sergio Ramos was not back to his basics. He made some nasty tackles and should have been booked for that, but was lucky enough to escape them and not to mention, it was his foul just outside the penalty area which led to the goal. He didn’t even come rushing to support de Gea when the free kick was saved and in the attack where he is a potent aerial threat couldn’t produce anything special even he had two good chances.

The blatant attack

It has come since the first day as Del Bosque went for Alvaro Morata and Nolito in the starting lineup for attack that were not that experienced and omitting Diego Costa and Fernando Tories who should have been a difference. The attack looked largely on the brinks as they couldn’t produce anything special from the chance they had. Spanish team looked better with the subs and what is worth mentioning is that the Spanish center half Pique had the best shot at goal rather than an attacker.

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